Recent Work

A selection of my latest images-in no particular order.

Thanks for stopping by. The purpose of this site is to showcase images I have made over the years and offer my best images for sale as limited edition fine art. When not photographing from my own observatory, I image remotely from other locations allowing for maximum sky time. Processing astrophotos is time intensive and filled with many arbitrary decisions before an image is completed. For this reason, the same data set in the hands of  different astrophotographers will produce different looking images in the end. Therefore, the images displayed on this site are uniquely mine.

The majority of images shown here have been made since 2015 with older work displayed elsewhere. I had the pleasure of producing images taken under dark Australian skies in 2017 and am currently involved in an remote imaging project in the Atacama desert of Chile. I look forward to producing fantastic images from this premiere site in early 2019.

Aside from traditional photographic prints, I offer a unique fine art option for my astrophotography.  Chromaluxe metallic prints are the standard by which all other metal prints are measured.  The pieces you receive are ready to hang, do not require a frame, and sport a contemporary look. My goal is to create images that are both timely and timeless with quality that will last for generations.

What are Chromaluxe Metallic Prints?

Dyes are Infused directly into specially-coated aluminum sheets resulting in outstanding image clarity and vibrancy with exceptional detail and resolution. Chromaluxe photo panels are extremely durable and waterproof, while offering scratch resistance without hiding your image behind glass. The prints come with a hanger that floats the print 1/2" off the wall when hung. If you are interested in an image not yet on my sales page give me a shout. I probably have not had time to post it there yet.

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